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Wooden playgyms + toys


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What a perfect and beautiful way to keep your babies entertained. We have these beautiful wooden playgyms which also develop your child's motor skills when trying to reach the toys with their little hands.

They come in a set of :

-Wooden frame
-their three matching toys

We do not sell them separately.

We have three different set colours; Mint, pink and grey, and their toys would come each with a different animal, a dove, an echidna and an elephant.

Simply place them on top of a mat in any room so your baby can play, it will be the perfect match for any nursery.


Caution: We do not recommend to use this playgym for babies over 6-7 months (when they start sitting up as they may knock the gym and cause injuries) and the toys are intended to be toys only and not teethers, they are there to be looked at and for them to try and reach them.
Please inspect gym and toys before each use and at first sign of damage please discard immediately. Please never leave your child unattended while using any of our products. 

*The nature of handmade items is beautiful yet sometimes cannot be perfect, these gyms are made from raw Tasmanian oak and as being raw you will feel they have cracks on some items but that is just the wood itself and not an actual damage. Yet if in the future when you touch them you feel that they can hurt you or your baby, discard immediately.


You might encounter, when putting the gym together, that the poles feel hard to insert but the idea is that they are not that easy to come off for safety reasons.