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Wicker pram - Yellow


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What a stunning piece! Perfect for those little imaginations, we loved being a part of your kids playtime.  We searched high and low for the perfect dolls pram for your child and were over the moon when we finally discovered these absolutely stunning, ethically made wicker prams from Polish brand Lilu.

With their durable wicker material design, adorable muslin bedding and sweet little pom pom details, we're sure that your little one will love and cherish these stunning toys, even when they're fully grown! You can even use these prams as a part of your children’s room decor, to those who are in the instagram rep world .

The paints used are water based with no solvents added which means they're safe for your child and kind to the environment.

Each pram comes with a soft muslin cotton mattress, quilt and pillow as well as 5 decorative pom poms (as pictured) which can be removed.

Recommended for use inside only.

Dimensions: H: 58 cm W: 27 cm L: 48 cm.

Materials - Pram: Wicker & Wood.

Dolls Bedding: 100% Cotton Muslin with Deluxe Silicone Anti-Allergen Filler.


Maintenance and Care: Its wheels and the handle are secured with screws which can become loose overtime with use. Please check regularly. If loosening occurs, you can simply tighten with a screw driver. Keep in mind not to over-tighten them as this can prevent the wheels from turning/working as they should and the screws from tightening properly again.

Avoid pushing on rough surfaces, such as concrete as this can cause excessive wear and friction and eventual damage to the wheels.

The muslin bedding can be machine washed on a gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry and avoid harsh detergents/stain removers. The wicker can be wiped down with a clean damp cloth in order to remove any dust or dirt.