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Paola Reina dolls - Vincent, 32 cms


Paola Reina dolls are exquisite luxury handmade dolls that come straight from Spain. The fabric chosen for every outfit are sourced and designed by their team also, so we are safe to say that they are 100% made in Spain! Made of phthalate free vynil, making them really safe for children.


Vincent is a 32cms vinyl luxury doll with straight blonde hair and blue eyes. ‘Amigo Vicente’ has brown hair and big blue eyes. He wears a summer mood outfit consisting of an orange t-shirt, shorts and a grey hoodie. And he also has blue sneakers to walk more comfortable, ready for a day at the beach or park.

His eyes are made of plastic (they do not close) and his eyebros and other facial features are carefully hand painted making them look so unique!

We are a strong believer that dolls are extremely important for the development of each child, they help with their imagination, their motor skills, they also help with the way they interact with the world , with a doll, you are gifting them the freedom to roleplay and create their own moments.

Hours and hours of work together with great love are put into each doll to bring them to life, every single detail have been carefully taken care of so we can bring you the best quality of dolls that can last for a very long time.

He comes in a box ready to be gifted.

• They come with a gentle vanilla scent.

• do NOT immerse in water

• Suitable for children 3 years +

• Not anatomically correct.

• The hair is also securely sewn in and not glued, which is low flammable nylon, styled by hand.

Due to the nature of handmade, slight variations may occur.