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Miffy Lamp - XL


Stunning, unique and fun way to light up your children’s room! This gorgeous Miffy Lamp by Mr Maria designs are here to delight your children and whoever enters that bedroom.

In the dunes of a small village on the coast of the North Sea, lives a small bunny. This quirky little bunny named Miffy goes on all kinds of adventures with her many friends. She discovers the wonders of life, friendship and fun and we love to be a part of it by bringing her closer to your children’s world do they can share those magic moments together. 


Power Source: Transformer

Bulb Type:Warm White LED (bulb included)

Various level dimmer

Compliance to Australian  Safety Standards

Made in the Netherlands.

Miffy ( XL  ) is approx 40 x 40 x 80cm


 📸 by @a.b.interior


*Miffy is ready to be shipped.