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Go green lunch box - Mermeid paradise


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Each of our Go green lunch boxes come with an insulated fabric carrier, a five compartment food container, and a drink bottle.
Each set comes with a FREE ice pack for those warmer days.

This Mermeid paradise lunch bag comes with a PINK lunch box.

Each set comes with the following:

-Carrying/lunch bag: Stylish insulated lunch bags that features a pocket to hold reusable napkins and eating utensils and a little whiteboard to write messages for your loved one. It measures approximately 30x19x6.6 cm.

-Lunch Box: The turn 'n clock technology ensures food stays fresh and with silicone bands around each compartment to ensure it does not leak. The lunch box fits perfectly inside the carrying bag, it is made of polypropylene and silicone.
And the clips on each side are made from silicone to ensure the lunch box lasts for years.

-Drink bottle: 100% stainless steel bottle for your children's favourite drink. It fits neatly into the lunch box or you might just leave the bottle out so you can use that compartment for even more food.

FREE Ice pack: This non-toxic, FDA-approved reusable gel freezer pack will help keep food cool. Please note, this pack might not be enough to keep the food cool all day here in Australia, so you might want to add an extra pack for better results.

-Tag: Each bag comes with a tag so you can write your child's name and class so it does not get lost.

They are BPA free, leach free, lead free

Please read the FAQ's for lunch boxes.