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Decorative Hot Air Balloon, small - Light grey


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Ready to transform your children’s room and make them unique with these Decorative “Floating” Balloons?

They are lightweight and easy to install, these balloons add a sense of  adventure and uniqueness to any room. 

These gorgeous balloons are handmade with love made in Poland, therefore not one balloon is exactly like the other, that’s the beauty of handmade items...and we love it!

They look fantastic when hang with one or two more balloons and of different sizes but they look great as a standalone feature too and they are absolutely suitable for both boys and girls.  


Small - 28cm x 16cm 

Balloon Fabric - made from high quality polyester

Ropes - made from high quality cotton

Basket - made from stained wood 

How to inflate: There is a valve hole at the top of the balloon, inflate the balloon with a hand pump gently to ensure even fill. Don’t overinflate, Pebbles Baby will take no responsibility for overinflation causing damage to the balloon.  Please note: the Hand (Ball) pump is not included, any ball pump will work to inflate the balloons.

How to install: Use the fishing line (already comes with the balloon) choose a spot on the ceiling and attach to adhesive handle. Adjust fishing line accordingly to the desired height. Inflate before attaching to ceiling. 


Note: This product is not a toy! keep out of reach of little hands as they could be a hazzard for your children. This item is for decoration purposes only. 


Colours may vary from those on screen.