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Butterfly pillows


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This butterfly pillow is the only chiropractic-support pillow with multiple benefits for your baby and you.

They are perfect for the following:
1. Pregnancy: it alleviates back pain when you are sitting for too long, you can place them on you upper or lower back for support.
2. Breastfeeding: it makes breastfeeding more comfortable for mum and bub, and they are very easy to carry anywhere you need!
3. Travel: supports baby's head and neck when in motion in a stroller (we do not recommend to use them in a stroller for babies less than 12 months, specially if they are sleeping)
4. Diaper change: keeps baby well in place during diaper change and wings protect baby from rolling to the side (in saying that NEVER leave your baby unattended, this is support only, and you shall take it as an extra help, not prevention)
5. Tummy time: strengthens baby's neck and back to prepare them for the crawling stage when using regularly for tummy time exercises, you can place a toy in front of them too to stimulate their little fingers and to keep them entertained too.
6. Work: Props up your laptop snugly and protects your skin from the heat it emits.
7. Lounging: adds comfort to lounging and reading.

Please never leave your baby unattended when you have pillows close to them, and it is best to remove when sleeping.

They come triple stitched for utmost durability, made of highest grade polyester fiberfill, non-allergenic, does not easily lump or separate.

Its measurements are approximately 33 x 40 x 5 cm.

Hand wash them, or gentle cycle at 40 C in washing machine with mild detergent, do not tumble dry, flat or line dry.