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Balloon wall tap light - small


What a cute portable and wall mountable little light that is a great sleep companion. Durable eco friendly child safe light made from BPA, lead and Phthalate free PVC.

The internal LEDs provide a comforting glow to your child’s room. The light will automatically fade off after 1 hour to extend battery life. 

Operating Instructions
With the convenient magnet system, the night light can be fixed on the wall or easily taken off for portable use.

Attaching the night light to the wall: 
• Clean and dry the selected surface with a clean cloth.
• Remove the sticker from the magnet wall mount base.
• Place the device onto the selected surface firmly.

Operating the Light 
• The on/off switch is located at the back of the light. 
• Switch on/off to turn the light on/off
• Tap the night light to choose light intensity 
First Tap: full bright, Second Tap: half bright, Third Tap: off.

Installing & Changing Batteries 
• The battery compartment is at the back of the light, remove battery cover using a philips head screw driver.
• Install 3 AAA batteries taking care to follow polarity guide on the battery compartment.
• Replace the battery cover and screw. 
• Exhausted batteries are to be removed from the toy. (Battery life is approx 50-75 hrs)

*Batteries not included.

*Indoor use only.

*Suitable for 1 year old +

Measurements are approx 13 cms x 10 cms