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Baby boy carousel - 20 cm


What a gorgeous piece to fall in love with, timeless, elegant and so beautiful, a lifetime present!


We invite you to turn this stunning carousel into one of your favourite items, it features 3 gorgeous horses that have mix of blue tones, white and gold, and also some pretty little diamontes that look amazing when they are galloping, the perfect colour combination.

The carousel features also some beautiful little and bigger diamontes that creates that magical and feminine look, matching the horses.

It measures approximately a good 20 cm.

All you need to do is place it on your favourite spot, turn the canopy anti-clockwise direction and let the horses do their magic by galloping around it while listening to a soft lullaby.

The whole carousel comes also with some stunning floral and golden desings and a brush of pink, together with some pretty angels, you and your children will just fall in love!


Perfect as a first gift.


Note: The carousel is heavy and delicate, open and handle with care.

Not considered a toy.


Colours may vary from those on screen.