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Shipping & Returns

We appreciate from the bottom of our hearts you purchasing our items, we want you to enjoy our products as much as we do yet if you have any questions about returning the products or about shipping please keep reading, and when you finish your order do not forget to read our terms and conditions.



Prices for goods and services stated on our website are exclusive of any applicable delivery charges* 

*We only deliver to Australian street addresses. We can ship to another country as well, as long as you let us know beforehand so we can organize the purchase directly with you.
Please note we do not deliver nor offer any type of service to the EU.

Prices for goods and services stated on our website are exclusive of any applicable delivery charges*

*We only deliver to Australian street addresses. We can ship to another country as well, as long as you let us know beforehand so we can organize the purchase directly with you.

Please note, we do not deliver non offer any type of service to the EU.

Visitors from the EU are not permitted to browse this site. This is due to the EU's Data Retention and Access Laws. If you are visiting our website from there, the only information that has been logged is your IP Address (which cannot be used for personal identification) and the date/time that you attempted to access this website.
The new GPDR Regulations have not been implemented on this site yet therefore you are unable to use it.

* The cost of delivery is as stated on here, we offer free standard shipping Australia wide and Express shipping on MOST items if you choose this option as an alternative.

Please note, we kindly ask you to give us your home address and not a P.O. Box, we require signature on delivery, this will make shipping nice and smooth for both parties and we avoid them being delayed or sometimes lost.
> If you would like to place an order from outside of Australia, you need to bear in mind that you most likely will have to pay customs fees, those fees will depend on the amount of the goods imported, we recommend you to do a research first in order to know how much you will need to pay, we are not responsible for any delays nor fees if the order is held by customs, you will need to pay the fee in order for them to release your products and continue their destination.

If you have purchased some ‘Pre-Order’ products, they might take any time between 3-7 weeks to get to you, you would be provided with previous CLEAR notice that they are ‘Pre-order’ items BEFORE you purchase, therefore you know the timeframe condition, we would not give you a discount or cancel your order if you finally decide you do not want to keep waiting or if you state you did not notice our previous ‘Pre-Order’ notes.

If you purchase any pre-order item or any made to order item like our decals, and you have purchase anything else that are in stock, note that we do not spilt the order, we will wait until we are ready to send you everything together so please bear in mind the waiting times for pre-orders or made to order items. For our wallpapers we do send them separately and another invoice will be given to you for shipping costs.
Important news : Due to maternity leave from our wall decals supplier, all orders placed after October 11th 2018 will be processed from 3 Dec 2018 onward. Our website will still accept orders  but they will only be processed and sent FROM 
3 Dec 2018 - They will be processed in chronological order. (Please note, you still need to allow us 7 working days to create your decals.

*Important news: due to maternity and annual leave from our wallpapers supplier, orders placed between 23rd of November until 14th January, are due to be delivered FROM late February, in chronological order. Also, cut off date for guaranteed delivery for our wallpapers is the 16th November



-Free standard shipping Australia wide up to $999.99 
-Standard shipping for heavy goods from $1,000.00 until $1500.00 is $20.00
-Express shipping Australia wide up to $499.99 is $15.95 (express does not apply for larger items like wallpapers, prams, or furniture or any bulky items)
-Express shipping Heavy goods from $500.00 until $1000.00 is $30.00
*Please bear in mind, busy seasons like Christmas or Easter, delivery can take longer, please allow extra time.

For orders of $1500.00AUD or over for standard or $1000.00 for express, please contact us for a delivery quote.
*Free shipping does not apply for our Minnie and Me wallpapers and furniture  due to their size and weight, a separated invoice will be sent, you can also confirm if you want the postage to be express (if possible) or standard.
A strict NON refund or store credit for change of mind when choosing wallpapers, wall decals or bed frames, since they are made to order, they are created just for you, so for example, you choose less than what needed for wallpapers, you will need to purchase the rest to complete the wall, we will not refund nor give you store credit if you decide not to go ahead with the purchase because you just find it will be too expensive. You need to choose carefully the design and measure your wall in order to choose the right option of drops for the wallpapers and if you need to buy more we can give you another invoice to complete the number, so please read the description carefully and you can e-mail in case of any enquiries to Once you place your order, the wallpapers take at least  4 weeks to be created, once they are ready, we will send you an invoice with the shipping cost and as soon as it is paid, they will be on your way. ( wallpapers do not fall under our free shipping facility due to their size and weight and they get shipped straight from the warehouse ) 
In regards to our wall decals, they are made to order too and we require at least 7 working days to create them for you, so no refund nor store credit if you change your mind so please choose carefully before placing an order.

Express post can take 1-4 business days in Australia, sometimes a bit more depending on where you live and standard post can take up to 10 business days, depending on your location or the season of the year like Christmas or other important dates. A total delivery cost will be provided in the order summary in your online shopping basket. You can choose which one you would like. We may occasionally provide special offers waiving the delivery fee altogether.
*Express post cannot apply for wallpapers, nofred brand, furniture or prams (our largest items) they will be sent to you via courier  and they unfortunately do not offer express shipping as yet. If you paid express shipping for them, we will refund you that amount and send it as standard. 

We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that orders for tangible goods will be dispatched promptly after an order has been placed. Please allow us 24-48 hrs, (unless stated differently or if it is a busy season like Christmas or Easter) even if you have paid with Afterpay (excluding weekends and public holidays) to prepare your order and send it to you, we will wait until the funds have hit the account before shipping the items. We will give you a tracking number and you need to sign when receiving the package, if you are not at home you might be left a card with the instructions on how to pick up your item from your local post office or courier depot, you can also leave specific instructions if you would like to have that package left at your door, which will be under your responsibility or you can get someone to sign it for you on arrival.
If you live in a remote area the delivery could take a little bit longer.

Please make sure your contact details, name, address and phone number are correct before placing an order, we do not take any responsibility if your details are incorrect, we do not check addresses one by one, we write them as provided by you, we do not refund shipping costs and we do NOT refund for the item if the package comes back to us and you will need to pay the shipping costs so the products are sent again, we will not re-send until we have received shipping payment and we will not cancel your order.

Once we send the goods via Australia Post (or another courier company, depending on agreement and/or item) they automatically become their property, we are no longer responsible for the items, if they get lost or if they take longer than expected to arrive please contact us so we can lodge a dispute for lost item or you can also contact them directly to track your item if they have taken longer than expected, you can check the tracking number provided when they are sent or we can check it for you also (link from a courier will be issued also if they are used).
*For our furniture , Nofred brand, and wallpapers, and prams, we use a different company, tracking number and link will be provided once the goods have been sent, and they cannot be sent as express.

We do not, under any circumstance refund shipping costs UNLESS the item has been faulty, providing you have showed us proof that items are faulty.

*Delivery times are estimate times only.
Please note, some of the payment options you choose can take longer to be processed, therefore, it will take longer for us to complete the purchase since we need to wait until all payments are cleared, but we will inform you if this happens and offer you other options to finalise your payment if needed.


We understand buying items online is hard since we are not there to see them or to check the material they are made off, that is why we would like to make it nice and simple for you, we are happy to accept returns ONLY within 7 working days ( monday to friday excluding weekends or public holidays) from the day you receive the item IF the items are FAULTY.
*Conditions apply, please continue reading.

* We can give you a full refund on the item ONLY if it is faulty, you need to e-mail us with an attached photo of the faulty item showing CLEARLY where the problem is, once we accept the item is faulty they need to be sent back within 10 working days.

-All refunds will come with postages fees deducted from the total (unless it is faulty).

If you chose the wrong item, we will give you a store credit for the amount of the product MINUS the shipping cost once we receive the item back so you can choose another item as long as they are available, if they are not available you need to choose another item. If we have sent you the items already, you need to return it unopened and with a tracking number, signature on delivery and we suggest you to insure the package, if the item gets lost in transit, we will not take any responsibility. You need to return the item/s within 7 working days. Please note, if you made a mistake with choosing, a 9% restocking fee will be applied and no shipping fees will be returned, so please select carefully.
Items are carefully inspected and packed before we send them to you. They cannot come back damaged, scratched, used, dirty , etc, they need to come back in original packaging, we will carefully inspect them once we get them, and if we decide the items have been used or are not faulty, we will not issue you a refund and we will not cancel your order, you will need to pay for postage so we can return the item to you. Please, do not send anything back before contacting us first on 
Please read the descriptions properly, measurements etc! Also bear in mind colour from the screen will vary with the colour in real life.
Please check that you have chosen the correct item on your second order (after the return) before placing another order.

We do NOT refund for change of mind , and this includes purchases you have made in error or state you did not check/read the descriptions properly, yet you can e-mail us and let us know you are not actually happy with the product and we can give you a store credit MINUS shipping costs and minus 9% restocking fee, after we have received the product back, intact ( not dirty, damaged, scratched, in original packaging etc) and you can choose another item, we do not refund shipping costs.
If you state it was not you who made the order, we will notify relevant authorities and agencies of the activity so they can take appropiate action.

Please be aware that products like Teethers, cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons.

If under some circumstances we ‘need’ to cancel an order , we need to deduct an 10% of the total cost, this is for restocking associated fees, we can give you a store credit with the remaining balance (or we need to refund you through the same method you purchased from us ) * Please bear in mind our terms for refund.
Also note, if the product has already been shipped, we need to either redirect the item to come back to us, or you will need to return it to us once you receive it, either way, for the redirect of the product, the refund amount will come with the 9% less AND the amount we paid for posting the package to you, or if you need to return it to us, then YOU will need to pay for the postage which is non refundable by us and then we deduct the 9% of the total once we receive the item back. Sometimes even if we try and redirect it to us, the package can still go straight to you which we unfortunately have no control over.

About sales: 

If we run a sale, we will inform via our social media and provide coupon codes/store credits, please be aware that they are bound by their terms and conditions and only valid from the period commencing and end date. Should you have purchased something prior to the availability of a coupon or beginning of a sale, there is no obligation for Pebbles Baby to provide a discount, refund, or store credit, Also, we will not cancel your order nor refund if you made a purchase on the sale date and did not input the discount code.

All items will need to be returned with their original tags/labels, they cannot look worn, washed, damaged or dirty. They may be tried on for fit (if clothing) but otherwise unworn. They need to be returned intact.

We do NOT refund on sale items but we can give you a store credit if you would like another item instead.

Although 90% of our items we stock , some of them are shipped directly from our suppliers, we will always keep a close eye on your order to keep everything nice and smooth with your items so if you have purcharsed several items, you might receive them in separated packages, sometimes we pre-order them for you and get them delivered to our premises and then ship everything together, you will be advised about this once you place your order.
Thanks for choosing Pebbles Baby :)