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IMPORTANT - Safety & Care

At Pebbles Baby we highlight the importance of safety, so please read the following and we kindly ask you to adhere to the requirements.

All of our products should be used under adult supervision at all times.

If you are purchasing a wooden and silicone toy from us, always inspect them before each use, discard at first sign of damage or if the beads look worn and exchange after 6 months of use. If damaged, the beads can become loose and cause suffocation.

Our products are design so they do not collect mould and bacteria.

To clean your wooden and silicone toys simply use warm water and wipe down with a damp cloth and air dry. 


If you are purchasing our playgyms and their toys, it is important to know that these playgyms are design so your baby can lay under, and the toys are there so they can be reached and looked at, we do not recommend them to be used as teethers, if they are already able to sit up, we recommend to remove them.

Discard if you see the frame has become weak.

When putting the gym together some of them will feel hard to insert the pole into the holes, the idea is that they are not too loose so they do not fall apart easily.


If you are purchasing a soft toy/crochet toy, always inspect for loose parts or clothing (if any) that your baby can put in their mouth, and take away from them once they fall asleep, specially if they are able to roll over.  NEVER leave them unattended while playing with them.



If you are purchasing our wall decals please bare in mind they are designed for decoration only and are not a toy! Please keep them out of reach of children. Your decals should never be placed within a child’s reach or near where they sleep to avoid a possible choking hazard.




If you are purchasing our canopies, please make sure your kids are always under supervision where the canopies are hung, we do not recommend to hung them over cots, or in children’s rooms under the age of 3 unless they will be there under complete supervision. 

Please make sure you hung the canopies from a beam if you are hanging them from the ceiling, you can purchase a beam finder for this.

Also, if you are not going to be supervising while your kids are near the canopy, we recommend to roll them up to avoid them being pulled down and or cause injuries.


If you are buying our house bed frames, it is recommended that this bed be used for its sole purpose of sleeping in. It is not designed to withstand activities that may put extra weight on the frame such us swinging, climbing, hanging etc. Pebbles Baby accept no responsibility from injury that may occur from such activities.
– As the item is handcrafted, slight imperfections in the product may be present due to the nature of working with a natural material; we do not consider these faults.
– Our frames are individually crafted. They are not mass produced in a factory therefore the dimensions can sometimes vary a few millimetres.
– Sustainably sourced New Zealand premium pine and stainless steel fittings are used in the making of this product.



Our products are all carefully selected and safe while using in a proper way, we inspect them carefully before we put them on sale and before sending them to you so we know they were safe to use.

When it is about your baby/child, it is the parents responsibility to watch them at all times, we do not take any responsibility for accidents or injuries if the products are used in a way other than for its intended purpose or if the child was left unattended.