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- Do you stock all your items?

We stock 90% of our items, as much as we would love to stock them all, due to space we can’t, items from Nofred brand or Rocking Baby for example, are shipped from the Melbourne warehouse straight to you, and because of that, there might be times where we cannot keep up with inventory and unfortunately sometimes you might place an order and they are out of stock, we do check often with them in regards to stock but please bear this in mind. Other items that are made to order will take few days until they are ready to be shipped to you, so those are not ‘in stock’ items, this would apply for our wall decals and wallpapers. Please read their description for more information. 

- What company do you use for delivery?

We mainly use Australia Post for our deliveries, but for bulky items like wallpapers, furniture and prams, we will use a courier to deliver them to you. Reason being is that couriers are much cheaper for us to send and we do not want to increase our prices to cover part of the cost. Unfortunately though, most of them do not offer express shipping yet, so if you are wanting any of these products for a special day, we recommend you order with few days in advance to avoid any dissapointment.

- What is the best time to contact you?

We are purely family operated and it is mainly one person, me, taking care of everything, as much as we would love to be 24/7 available for your enquiries, we do ask you to expect a response from us within business hours (9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, Melbourne time), we will try and respond to you even after those hours since we love you so much! but there might be times we won’t be able to. Best way of contacting us is via e-mail to

- How long does my order take to be delivered?

We offer free standard shipping Australia wide via Australia post (or a courier if the item is bulky, please refer to above answer) please allow us at least 1-3 business day (not including weekends or public holidays) to get your items ready and then we will ship them to you on the next business day (unless stated differently) they generally take between 5-7 business days to be delivered unless you live in a remote area, in that case delivery might take a bit longer. IF you chose to have them expressed shipped they might take around 1-3 business days to arrive depending on where you live, still allow us that 1 business day to process your items. Please if you have any questions about your order you can always contact us.

- I paid express shipping last night/today why hasn’t my order being dispatched yet?

Paying for express shipping is actually the delivery service and not the handling time process, we still require our handling times to get the items ready for you which is at least 1 business day unless stated differently or if they are made to order. As soon as your items are sent, you will receive a tracking number ( a kindly reminder that express shipping does not apply for bulky items ).

-Can I purchase an item but send it as a present?

You can definitely purchase an item from us and we will happily send it to the designated person, at checkout just type in their details, full name and address, for the shipping details and for billing details you can place your information. You may leave a little note to us that is it an actual present so we are aware of it.

-I put down the wrong address at checkout, can I fix it?

For sure! just contact us as soon as you realize you made the mistake and we can fix it and send it to the right address, no stress. Please note, we do NOT check addresses one by one, we write them just as they were provided by you, so we do not take any responsability for lost or delayed orders if you have given us the wrong address. You need to check before submitting, and if there is any mistake, you need to contact us immediately please.

-I received my items and they are broken.

We will always try and send fragile products as protected as possible, but sometimes we do know that strange events can occur while the package is on your way but don't worry we are here to help, if you have received a broken item, please take a picture and send it to us as soon as you realize about the issue. We will look at the picture and then give you instructions. We need you to send the items back for inspection as well before we agree on anything. But we want you to be happy and we can happily replace it as long as we have them in stock, otherwise we can give you a store credit for you to choose another item. 

-How do I know if a product is safe for my baby/kid?

We are all for safety when it comes to little humans, so please read carefully our notes before purchasing or read the notes that we send you together with the product and do not throw it away (the note) so you can refer to it whenever you need it. We strongly recommend to never leave your baby/kid unattended, whatever they are doing, they do not know right from wrong even if you think they are old enough to understand, it is best to not take that risk.

-I like the colour of the product shown in the pictures but are they the real colours?

Colours in pictures may vary from what they look in person, and from screen to screen, so please have this in mind before purchasing.

-I ordered a handmade product, what do I need to expect from it?

Our handmade items have been carefully chosen, yet the nature of handmade products is all about being natural and sometimes they are not perfect nor two same product will look exactly the same, but that would be the beautiful part of choosing a handmade item, you know it has been made with love for you or your little ones, they might have a slight imperfection but they will work just as fine!