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Thanks for choosing Pebbles Baby, I am a mum of three cheeky monkeys and we are based in Melbourne, Australia. I came up with the idea to open this store after our second bundle of joy arrived, after trying to find cute yet safe toys and accessories for her, we realized that a lot them were plastic, easy to break and just not what we were after, as a mum I got concerned that we were surrounded by poor quality kid's toys, accessories and decor, so I decided to search for products that would match what I was looking for, and after weeks and weeks of work (while running after a very active little girl LOL) I have finally built a website :) and now it is even better since we have a third bundle of joy who can take advantage pf what this tired mama brings...


At Pebbles Baby, everything is made with love, and we are all for safety as well, so please read any important notes we have and NEVER leave your child unattended while using our products, always check them before and each time you hand them to your children. We know how quick they can be and innocent so they are not aware about the dangers, they just want to have fun! so we as parents need to be aware of everything.

I am also constantly searching and adding new products that match our profile, so if you are a small business owner and who would like to join us feel free to send us a message! and we can take it from there, we are open as well to have collaboration in regards to product reps, you can contact us for more details about this if you are interested, we are nice people we promise =D


If you are a customer and would love to see any special product in our store, please by all means do tell us your amazing ideas...

Thanks once again for stopping by and supporting my little business with big dreams :) happy shopping ladies and gentlemen! 

The Pebbles Baby family xx


*Please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions, our Shipping and Returns information and our Safety and Care instructions, thank you*


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Want to know some random facts about me?:

- I totally hate cooking, but my family say they love my meals, but I really hate it lol I’d rather clean the whole day!

- I love decorating.

- I haven’t cut my hair for nearly 2 years! BUT it just doesn’t grow :/

- I LOVE animals :) but HATE spiders

- I try and work out 2-3 times a week because I love food too much. I can eat more than a man 😅

- Love the ocean

- I am a control freak!