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Mum life

Posted on August 28 2018

Mum life

Who has ever felt that you you just don’t have energy left to finish off the day? who has ever thought: ‘How did my mum do it?’ 

I feel like this a lot of times, the fact that I am trying to have everything organized at home, going to work, managing the kids, helping out my mum, etc, etc, I sometimes feel like I either want to escape or hide from everyone and just wish I had enough money to pay for someone to come everyday to cook and clean for me at least!


But reality sinks in, I can’t spend that money on someone else if I can do it on my own right? Why would someone do that? I can use that money to get groceries, clothes for the kids, bills, or even save! and there we go again... another week of feeling busy!


The only thing that keeps me going is that my children need me, and they need to see the best of me, so I always try and think positive and say, they will grow and I will regret not enjoying them and life with them more... I guess us mums are just too judgmentals with ourselves, we need to relax more and enjoy what life gives us, our family, health, a roof, food...


Let’s start and enjoy those little moments that we will never get back .