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Posted on August 28 2018


How hard it is to decorate a space, specially having little ones around, they just demand your full attention and there is not much time left to even clean let alone decorate right? But some women are just so determined to get things done, while their kids sleep, while they are playing, while they are at childcare, all we want sometimes is a gorgeous space for our kids to build memories.

When I had my daughter, the first few months I was feeling so tired, sleepy, and I could barely get out of the house because all I wanted was wanting to be in bed with her and rest, but now that she is bigger, I always try and add little bits and pieces to her room when I can, taking my time, because at the end of the day, it is for them to enjoy and not for you to stress  right?

So the only thing I know now it is that I am slowly getting there and that one day her room will look amazing! just like from those stunning instagram accounts !

 *This is my daughter’s room, you can see many products from our shop, like the canopy ( or mozzie nets like many like to call them ) the wall decals, they definitely add something special to it, the print, the pillows and the pom garland.


You can also see a pretty mirrored name plaque and gorgeous lashes, they are from one of our favourite stores, CMC gold, they are similar to us, family owned and operated and have an amazing customer service and beautiful products, totally recommended!!