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Posted on August 28 2018


Having children, for most, is a part of life, once we know a little human, OUR own little human is on the way, we immediately start imagining all these precious moments with them, but also, everything scares us, everything is new, everything seems to be too dangerous for them, what our parents told us when we were younger now make sense! Our life is starting to change forever; what can I offer him/her? would I be a good parent? would my child be a good human being? is this world safe? so many questions!

What we also don’t know, is that as soon as they are in between our arms, all those fears dissapear, and that we are ready to fight against the world for them if it was necessary, we are ready for everything and anything, we still feel scared, probably more than ever, but our need to protect them is bigger, so we turn stronger and tougher... ever imaging what that little human could do to you?

The only thing we know, is that now is when you realise your love for another human being could really not have any barriers.